#1: timelapse

  • $1,000/finished minute ($3,000 minimum, 00:15 second increments)
  • All of the images appear on one stationary canvas, the music or voice over is not timed directly to the graphics.
  • Process: Artist has creative license to visualize the content spontaneously in response to the audio or video recording, this is not scripted or storyboarded in advance.

Example of Timelapse:

#2: Single canvas

  • $1,500/finished minute ($3,000 minimum, 00:15 second increments)

  • All images appear on one extended “canvas,” the camera moves around, zooms in/out.

  • Process: This kind of summary image can be created from a script or existing presentation. An initial call with the client will help the artist map out the elements to include and the order in which they appear. Two rounds of revisions are included in the price.

  • Note: The video (with or without voice over) can be broken into sections for embedding into power point slides!

Example of single canvas:

#3: Scene by Scene 

  • $1,700/finished minute ($3,400 minimum, 00:15 increments)

  • The camera is steady, images appear/disappear within one static frame in sequential “scenes.”

  • Process: The artist begins with the voiceover script or a storyboard that the client provides. If desired, client may request a quote for additional studio time to discuss and distill the material into a storyboard before developing the actual script. Includes 3 rounds of revisions to images as well as pacing/editing.

Example of scene by scene:

#4: Hashtag video 

    • $2,800 flat rate per studio day (approximately 10-20 tweet images). Drawings can be created in near-real time as event unfolds, or as a summary after the event.
    • Selected tweets (curated by either our artist or the client) are illustrated and the time-lapse replays are strung together to create a longer video.

    Example of hashtag video:

      What's not included in our prices:

      • Script development or detailed storyboards, additional studio time can be quoted.
      • Voice over recording or music licensing: we can help you source this and included in our estimate as an additional charge.

      Not sure what you need? Want to talk through the options? No problem. Drop us a line at hello@kingmanink.com with any questions.