Agency Wins Marketer of the Year Award for #KeynoteInks Sponsorship Initiative with Kingman Ink

Canadian-based marketing firm Quarry recently won the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) Marketer of the Year Award for their work with Kingman Ink at last year’s Business Marketing Association Conference #BMA15.

As part of their conference sponsorship package, Quarry commissioned Kingman Ink to create graphic recordings of 15 top conference keynotes and dubbed the initiative #KeynoteInks.

The Quarry brand appeared prominently on our 4’x4’ hand drawn illustration boards that we later placed throughout high-traffic areas at the conference. We also created a "Meet Quarry" board that introduced Quarry's key capabilities in branding, design and data-driven marketing.

Attendees took photos and shared them all over social media using the #KeynoteInks hashtag, which created unrivaled exposure during the conference and a flurry of valuable viral activity around the Quarry brand.

The experience was so successful that Quarry has partnered with Kingman Ink on repeated engagements, including CEB Sales and Marketing Summit and the upcoming B2B Content2Conversion Conference. The team created a roundup highlighting the 25 best images from all the marketing events we partnered on that year.

Richard HIll, Quarry’s Managing Director, Demand Generation, described their sponsor partnership with Kingman Ink as, “part visual content marketing, part event hacking and all about social media amplification. It’s allowed our brand to earn greater ROI with our investment at some of North America’s largest B2B marketing conferences.”


Keep reading for summaries and pictures of graphic illustrations drawn during the award-winning #KeynoteInks initiative at #BMA15...

Google Vice President and digital marketer Jim Lecinski presented on the Changing Face of B2B Digital Marketing, where he urged marketers to pivot into the “new normal” buying behavior of Millenials.


Russell Stokes, President & CEO of GE Energy Connections, gave a talk titled, A Whole New Train of Thought: Delivering Customer Outcomes, in which he emphasized the importance leading with the outcome in mind by listening to your customers and determining what you can do to make their lives better.

Jessie Singh, in his former role as President of 3M, presented on Being 3M, providing insight into the importance of building a brand as a fundamental strength and driver of value in a business. He said to ditch the boring and instead communicate a global vision if you want to remain relevant to customers.

Russell Glass, Vice President of Products at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, talked about The Rise of the Data-Driven Marketer and shared how to leverage data to predict and guide the journey. He said we must become relevant to customers based specifically on what they want.

Joe Pulizzi, author and founder of The Content Marketing Institute, gave a presentation titled Here’s Why You’re Failing at Content Marketing. He emphasized the importance of building an audience because we’re all in the media business -- nobody cares about your products and services; they care about the content niches around them.

Laura Ramos, Vice President at Forrester Research, presented on Predicting the Future: Unlocking the Power of Big Data in B2B Marketing.

Ryan Holiday of Brass Check Marketing tackled the question of whether Growth Hacking is the New Marketing Normal. He explained that growth hacking is a mindset, not a toolkit, that’s focused on what you should do, not what you can do, in order to pursue growth.

Scott Brinker of ion interactive talked about Taming the Marketing Technology Beast and Teaching it to Fetch (Customers).

Steve and Robin Boehler of Mercer Island Group gave an insightful presentation on how to Build Better Client-Agency Relationships for Better Business Results.

Jonah Berger, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior discussed why people share, highlighting the power of triggers, stories, practical value, and social currency.

Andrew Davis, marketing speaker and bestselling author of Brandscaping gave a talk titled INSPIRED: How Brilliant Brands Create a Sudden Urge to Act, in which he inspired the audience by sharing his views on what can happen if you tell bigger, more audacious, inspiring stories by thinking like an entertainment executive.

James H. Gilmore, author, speaker, and business advisor at Strategic Horizons LLP, gave a presentation titled The Experience IS the Marketing. He stated that we’re now living in the age of the “experience economy” in which people value time spent. He said, “advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable” so you have figure out how to be remarkable.


Mark Wilson, Chief Evangelist for BlackBerry presented on Successfully Making the Tectonic Shift from B2C to B2B.

Mike Haen of Gates Corporation gave a talk titled Project Odyssey: a Marketing Journey with a Game Plan. His advice was to come up with a game plan for marketing initiatives; and then name the plan, become an ambassador or it, and recruit advocates to carry it out.

Tim Washer of Cisco Systems, who is also a comedy writer and emcee, gave a talk titled B2B Video: The Comedy Writes Itself. He told the audience that we all need to become creative artists, and gave advice on how to begin experimenting with humor, telling stories, and creating with an open mind.