Kingman Ink Teams Up for Project Literacy with Good and Pearson

Kingman Ink recently joined Good and Pearson at the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City for Project Literacy, a UNESCO-backed organization that aims to "bring the power of words to the world" through action and partnerships.

Our visual notetaking accompanied the workshopping of new creative and strategic methodologies to advance childhood and adult literacy worldwide.

Project Literacy operates worldwide with over 80+ partners. And the session at the Center for Social Innovation gathered together a diverse and dedicated project leadership team to address steps towards amplifying community engagement around literacy in 2017.

Graphic facilitation supported the Project Literacy’s dynamic session by synthesizing and translating the collaborative discourse into a high-level summary of actionable items. With 20+ partnering organizations in the room (Pencils of Promise, The Clinton Initiative’s Too Small To Fail, Read Alliance, Library For All, The Hunger Project, Literacy Trust Inc., JumpstartFight For Peace, Literacy Partners, Pinkerton Foundation, Pratt Institute and Room to Read) the visual recordings produced a needed graphical analysis to capture and locate the attendee’s key passion areas.

One of our key takeaways: Language acquisition is an active and growing process for everyone.

Literacy impacts each of us over the course of our lives, from learning how to read for the first time (as a child or as an adult) to each time we discover a new word or encounter a new meaning. This insight led Project Literacy’s “My First Words” 2017 campaign.

For additional insights, take a look at our Graphic Recordings below:

graphic recording Project Literacy 3
project literacy graphic recording 4
project literacy graphic recording 5
project literacy graphic recording 7

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