How our 4-Step "Visuals to Remember" process Works

At Kingman Ink, we make it easy to add live graphic recording to your next event.


Step 1: Reach out

Contact us and we'll gather details about your event so we can deliver a customized learning experience that your attendees will talk about for months.

STEP 2: Set Goals

We'll have one short call together to review your specific objectives. Then we'll take it from there! We handle the travel arrangements, the supplies, and all the fiddly bits.




Step 3: Experience Live Visual Notes

During your event, we make visual notes that wow your audiences, help them remember what they learn, inspire them to share your event while it happens, and continue to talk about your event after it's over.


Step 4: MULTIPLY YOUR Visual Notes

Multiply your visual notes. Get more from your investment! We’ll show you how to use your visual notes in social media, in email marketing, on blogs, as infographics, in ebooks, etc.

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