Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is the practice of capturing auditory information in a visual way, aka visual note taking. It's done live and in large-scale (four feet wide or more) during meetings, panels and presentations.

  • Conference keynotes and panels

  • Social engagement (visualize social posts around a hashtag)

  • Trade show presentations

  • Company events (i.e. sales kick-offs, trainings, user forums)

  • High level team meetings and off-sites

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KeynoteInks™ are a Kingman Ink innovation. By using square-format boards and near real-time image processing, you can really fuel the social media fire and engagement at an event. The boards here were commissioned by Quarry as a sponsorship strategy at multiple B2B marketing events, a move that won them an award from the Business Marketing Association in 2016. Check out their case study "How we Hacked BMA with Sharpie."


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Sketchnotes are a great way to summarize the key takeaways of any speech, webinar, podcast or other auditory information in a small format.

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